Those who have visited my site before may remember video game reviews from a deaf gamer perspective. This was a great idea I had based on two key things – that I had already been doing these types of reviews on Steam for a while and that I ran into Susan at OneOddGamerGirl, who did a much better job at it than I ever could!

I have not given up the game reviews, but it is a difficult thing to sustain without a variety of game platforms, a wealth of time, and… well, a wealth of wealth. I am, in my ripe, old age of 34, accustomed to certain genres of games, as well, and this tenacious proclivity all but precludes reviewing other types or genres of games on account of my having little to no interest in them. Not that any of these hypothetical games are bad, per se, just that I am perhaps a bit more selective than I can justify. Of course, the truth is that it is, for me, demonstrative of a sheer lack of discipline and willpower, but… hush.

In any case, I am rebooting the site, to a degree. It is still under the same name, as I am, still, a deaf gamer – I always will be. However, I am much more inclined to write somewhat regularly when I have the free reign to write about what I want. In this context, those who are familiar with my ranting are aware that I have a habit of selecting one of the thousands of daily or weekly injustices that exist and chasing down those who make decisions in order to try to achieve a level playing field for the underdog.

Advocacy has always been a passion of mine because, having been deaf from birth, it’s always been a requirement. I want to make this a platform to explain in more depth efforts I undertake to achieve equality in the world, whether it is in big, significant elements of life or in the small details. We are all deserving of access to society, culture, information, and each other, so I will never sit idly by when others are excluded from these things.


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